Metrics to determine the shared value of patient engagement will be the focus of Session 6 on Day 2 of the Open Forum, which will be led by representatives from VU-Athena, MSD and EURORDIS.

The session aims to show participants how to monitor and evaluate (their own) patient engagement activities, looking at what are the relevant and feasible metrics. It will also provide the participants with some practical examples of the determined value of patient engagement.

As part of the session, three examples of patient engagement in the medicines life cycle will be presented in order to show tangible results of how the WP3 M&E framework can be applied, and what it yields. These cases will report on how they evaluated their activities, by means of what metrics, and what worked and did not work in evaluating. Interactive tools such as Mentimeter will be utilised during the interactive session.

Finally, the group will discuss the feasibility, strengths and weaknesses of the developed framework and the menu of metrics for Monitoring and Evaluation of Patient Engagement activities.