PARADIGM is proud to announce a partnership with Global CardioVascular Clinical Trialists (CVCT), a community of cardiovascular clinical trialists. They will join the PARADIGM International Liaison Group (PILG),  an information hub acting as an operational platform to connect PARADIGM with key IMI and other international engagement initiatives in co-development and promote the implementation of patient engagement practices.

The PILG enables synergies aligned with PARADIGM scope, help reduce fragmentation and duplication, and the rollout of mechanisms where PARADIGM outputs are aligned with the mission and vision of the members to enhance their uptake and future implementation. Where appropriate, is also provides external guidance for PARADIGM’s strategic objectives and deliverables in different regions of the world.

The  CVCT Forum is a meeting where faculty members are selected from a list of world-renowned global experts of the highest calibre. They are investigators and trial experts, industry R&D experts, regulatory and health technology experts, health care professionals and health insurance experts, major media and medical journal experts and patient advocacy group experts to identify a few.

It is this mix of expertise from various backgrounds which makes CVCT meetings unique; they function as a sort of think tank, where faculty and participants alike are willing to brainstorm and discuss potential solutions.

CVCT Forum 2019, organised in Washington DC in December 2019, will be experimenting with another new variation to this theme with our Focused CVCT Workshops. Organised as campfire-sessions, the experts are allowed very brief openings, but then it is over to the participants, with the hope that intimacy allows participants to feel freer to talk to the expert and to each other. Experts are encouraged to share their stories and case studies from real clinical trials, leaving it up to the audience to translate their learnings to their own daily reality, and to bring in more of their own cases. The real expertise is in the room and during breakouts, mingling and networking among the participants, which is why our CVCT Team encourages all experts to stay for the full forum. If you want to read more about the next CVCT Forum, please find further information here.

CVCT and PARADIGM are proud to collaborate to enhance the voice of clinical trialists in the different workstreams of PARADIGM. A fruitful synergy ahead, no doubt!