The Patient Engagement Open Forum is a unique event that aims to bring together a range of stakeholders interested in and committed to making meaningful patient engagement a reality.

In order to make this happen, stakeholders must have the right tools. The first session of the Open Forum is entitled “Learning from Good Patient Engagement Practices and Applying to your Everyday Work.”

The goal is to inspire participants through real-life examples of patient engagement, using good practices from a range of different environments involving multiple stakeholders.

The Patient Focused Medicines Development (PFMD), established in 2015, is a global and independent multistakeholder platform of collaboration that aims to drive for increased and systematic patient engagement throughout the medicines research, development and lifecycle

A number of organisations who have successfully employed the PFMD Patient Engagement Quality Guidance and the 7 Quality Criteria to elevate their initiatives will teach session participants how to apply the model on their own projects. 

How best to apply this quality criteria that has been co-created and validated in a multi-stakeholder environment and builds on top of existing frameworks and recommendations will be explored, as will the various challenges that different organisations overcame.

The opportunity will be presented during this interactive session to work with the presenters to examine how their learnings might be relevant for you. 

Attendees will not only be inspired but hopefully, leave the session with the tools and practical know-how to elevate their PE projects to the next level. The knowledge gleaned from this interactive session will help ensure the robustness of PE projects, as well as maximising their potential impact.