A series of articles in EyeForPharma shows not only that patient engagement (PE) is gathering momentum but that PARADIGM is on the map.

The articles, published online and collected in a mini-magazine, address key issues in PE and include quotes from several leading PARADIGM participants.

One of the pieces makes the case for collaborating with patients and patient advocates across the drug development life-cycle. Another focuses on how to measure the impact of patient-centricity. This is a key area of PARADIGM’s work, so it is good to see patient and industry leaders from our project quoted in the article.  

The series also focuses on the importance of sharing experiences and learning from others. It includes a box dedicated to PARADIGM and its potential to address some of the challenges and gaps through collaboration.

Along with a close examination of the state of PE and its future prospects, there is a fascinating testimonial from a patient who works in the medicines sector – a fitting way to round off the series.

PARADIGM members are heartened to see these issues in the spotlight and to see our 34-partner initiative taking a central role in this conversation. As we kick-off 2019, we look forward to a landmark year where many of our project’s key outputs – and a flagship event in September (stay tuned for more details) – seek to move PE into a new era.