An interactive workshop bringing together over 30 representatives from industry, patient organisations and academia was held to test, apply and develop a monitoring and evaluation framework for patient engagement.

Four working groups aimed to simulate the application of the framework to specific patient engagement initiatives. These included Alzheimer Europe on Dementia; Grunenthal on Chronic Pain; Lilly on CoDESIGN; and EATG/ECAB on HIV/AIDS Clinical Trial.

These interactive exercises allowed participants to explore the applicability of the current framework. As a result, the groups have contributed to further development of the framework with constructive suggestions on additional relevant stakeholder groups, the incorporation of transparency, and the reduction of ‘research waste’. In addition, the framework’s linearity and the limitations of this design were discussed.

The insights from the workshop exercises will be analysed to continue the development of a practical, relevant tool for planning, monitoring and evaluation of patient engagement in medicines development. Meanwhile, partners from across the consortium will be invited to apply the new framework and supportive guidance documents on their own patient engagement initiatives.