Developing appropriate policies for compensating patients, patient organizations, and family members for patient-engagement activities have been a hot topic for those involved in patient engagement in recent years.

At this year’s Open Forum, Session 5 will describe the Fair Market Value initiative, processes and methods undertaken, status, and deliverables, as well as sharing information about lessons learned and next steps for the future. It will be led by National Health Council’s Eleanor Perfetto, The Synergist’s Nicholas Brookes and a Steering Committee Member (TBC).

The National Health Council has done extensive work in this field, such as developing a fair-market-value (FMV) calculator for compensating patients/caregivers and patient

Groups, and adapting international conflict-of-interest and privacy principles for use in the US. 

Their Fair Market Value Calculator Patient Engagement Activities lists will be provided to all attendees for discussion. Participants will also be asked to provide input from their own European perspective. Any outstanding challenges still to be resolved will also be posted to the group for brainstorming potential solutions.

The goal of this session is to ensure all stakeholders confidently enter into compliant and sustainable engagement efforts to effectively drive health care innovation based on patient insights in a trusted and quality manner.