A two-part session taking place over both days of the Open Forum will endeavour to understand and prioritise gaps in patient engagement practices and processes, while also seeking to create future patient engagement tools.

In the first part (Part 1, Day 1, session 3), the participants will bring their collective expertise to influence and inform the co-prioritisation and refinement of identified gaps in the practices and processes of patient engagement. These gaps will span the key contextual themes of stakeholder representation, process structure, process management, and learning and changes, along with their application to the three decision-making points in medicines R&D.

In addition, participants will learn about a digital gap tool recently developed by Work Package 2 that has enabled an objective and detailed assessment of a large number of initiatives, and the results of the corresponding analysis. 

This work, done through small working groups, interactively and in real-time, will help to inform the co-creation of the next generation of patient engagement tools in the second part (Part 2, Day 2 session 7) of the session, which takes place the following day.

By the end of the entire session, they will be aware of recently developed materials and collaboratively have arrived at the direction for future co-creation of the next generation of patient engagement tools. They will also have increased their understanding of priorities and material needed for patient engagement.

Participants are encouraged to attend both day 1 and day 2 sessions for work package 2 and 4 to maximise value and continuity of consensus.