Survey to Find Out Stakeholders’ Needs and Expectations for Patient Engagement in the Medicines Research and Development Lifecycle

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PARADIGM is working with all relevant stakeholders to improve the way patients they are involved in the medicines lifecycle, particularly in three specific phases:  

The first step is to better understand the patient engagement expectations from stakeholder group involved in the medicines lifecycle. That’s why your opinion is very important and will contribute to the advancement of the patient engagement in medicines R&D. We welcome responses from the all stakeholder groups with experience in patient engagement.

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With “patient engagement” we mean:

the effective and active collaboration of patients, patient advocates, patient representatives and/or carers in the processes and decisions within the medicines lifecycle, along with all other relevant stakeholders when appropriate. Meaningful patient engagement brings mutual benefit to the community of medicine developers (meaning all stakeholders involved from patients, industry, regulators, HTA bodies to payers) and ultimately better patient outcomes. It requires inputs into decision-making, co-production and dissemination of knowledge.

PARADIGM is participating in the creation of a framework for structured, meaningful, sustainable and ethical patient engagement in medicines R&D.